Pet Sitting Services-Serving Marin County:  San Rafael, Belvedere/Tiburon, Corte Madera, Larkspur, Mill Valley, Greenbrae, Kentfield, Ross, and San Anselmo.  

All Creatures Loved..

​Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Services


There’s a cancellation policy of 24 hours for dog walks, doggie day care and visits.  There is a 1 week prior to departure to cancellation for overnight pet sitting. For the summer months and holidays, there is a 3 week cancellation prior to departure date.


Horses are magnificent animals. But, goats, sheep and pigs are cute amazing pets.  If you choose only a visit, it would include feeding, watering, brushing for horses, love and care.  With being around horses and farm animals, I absolutely love hanging out with them.

An extended stay for horses would include the above plus exercise and possibly cleaning stalls. We can discuss further in the "meet n greet." I have found a lot of people have horses with house pets, so of course overnight pet sitting can be included.


This can include from visits or overnight

pet sitting.  Visits includes feeding, refreshing water, cleaning litter box, play and/or brushing.  Overnight pet sitting would just include more love and care.


This can include an adventurous trail hike of 45-60 minutes on the trails in Marin County (on leash or off-leash) OR a great neighborhood walk, solo or in a group.  A complete workout for your furry one.  An well-exercised dog is a happy dog which equals happy owners.  I will only take up to 3 dogs at a time. I will also enforce your training and manners with your dog or help

To ensure the safety of your dog(s) and other dogs in  group walk participation, these are my requirements:

Current on flea & tick treatment

Vaccinated (rabies,distemper etc.)


Basic training commands

Ability to be in a vehicle with other dogs


Rabbits, chickens and other small critters are wonderful pets, too. During a visit or overnight pet sitting, I would provide pets, food, water, love and care.


Not only includes attentive pet care, exercise for your dog(s) needs but house management.  Your dog(s) will be walked am and pm plus if they are able to come with me on my other dog walks, they will have lots of socialization and exercise.  House management includes mail pick-up, watering plants, and garbage out to the curb. Your pets and house will be in good hands with me.